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AFSE presentation

The French Economic Association (Association Française de Science Economique/AFSE) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1950. It aims to promote exchange of knowledge, to participate in public debates on economic policies and on the missions and duties of economists. It is open to all economists, whether they work in universities, public research organizations, Government or private companies.

AFSE promotes research in all economic fields, whatever the subjects and methodologies, taking into account the multiplicities of approaches in our discipline. To achieve this objective, AFSE organizes and contributes to the organization of scientific conferences and awards several prizes.

AFSE has been organizing its Annual Conference since it was established in 1950. The “Entretiens de l’AFSE” is an annual event, which is dedicated to a topical subject related to economic policy (held in Lyon during the “Journées de l’Economie”).

Every year, AFSE awards several prizes with the objective to promote top standard economic research :

  • The AFSE PhD thesis prize ;
  • The Edmond Malinvaud prize for the best scientific paper published by a French economist under 40 (since 2010) ;
  • Moreover, AFSE has granted the PhD thesis prize on Monetary, Financial and Banking issues since 2007, in partnership with the Banque de France Foundation.

Each winner of the PhD prize (AFSE and Banque de France Foundation) and the Edmond Malinvaud prize receives a sum of 3,000 €. These prizes are presented during the AFSE Annual Conference.

Since 2010, AFSE has also been granted the prize for the best economic book for students. The objective of this prize is to promote economic teaching. This prize is given during the “Journées de l’Economie”, with the stipulation that the book must have been published during the current or the previous year.

The jurys of all these prizes are mostly composed of members of the board of AFSE.

Through its website (, AFSE gives news on the economic profession :
training, job ads, new publications, conferences, etc.

The website has 4 main sections :

  • Training in economics ; Masters in economics ; doctoral schools ; economics in secondary school ;
  • Economic News ; latest publications, conferences, economic blogs, etc.
  • Job ads and news about public research/academic institutions ; competitive exams in universities and public research institutions ; other job ads for economists ; also news about recruitment procedures (CNU, CNRS, etc.)
  • Economic research ; news about French research centers ; tenders and the articles “En Direct de la Recherche” in partnership with the newspaper Les Echos.

Last of all, AFSE helps economists to get a job. This is the reason why it organizes an Employment Forum for PhDs and disseminates job ads for them on its website.

  • By joining AFSE, members get access to all services provided by the association :
  • All kinds of information and job ads sent by institutional members ;
  • Employment Forum for PhDs ;
  • Registration of PhD theses, job market papers and CVs ;
  • Automatic subscription to the electronic AFSE monthly newsletter ;
  • Access to the detailed members directory ;
  • Preferential tariffs for all events organized by AFSE ;
  • Subscription to economic reviews at a reduced price

Website :