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Contributed sessions

Contributed sessions are organized by our partner associations during the Meeting :

- Charles Gide Society for the study of economic thought :
Session A03 - Toward a History of Disequilibrium Theories : Rise, Fall and Legacy
Session B03 - Inégalités et discriminations. Histoire et représentations

Session D02 - Neuroeconomics

- French Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (FAERE) :
Session A01 - Urban Economics and Environment
Session B01 - Economic tools for Environmental Policies
Session D01 - International Economics and Environment
Session F01 - Measuring the efficiency of Environmental policies

- French Association of Experimental Economics (ASFEE) :
Session A02 - Peer effects
Session C02 - Illusions and attention
Session E02 - Social dilemmas

- French Cliometric Association (AFC) :
Session G03 - Contributed session of French Association Cliometrics